Information of da nang free walking tour

  1. About us

With the desire to spread the beauty of Da Nang culture, human and landscapes over international friends as well as turning Da Nang city into City walking. Besides, we provide our enthusiastic volunteers with opportunities to improve their English communication skill. In addition, we strongly hope to contribute to the development of Da Nang city tourism . Therefore, we decided to establish the project named “Da Nang Free Walking Tour”.

Da nang Free Walking tour was founded in September 2016, by the time, we have faced many challenges and had renovations then the walking tours around Da Nang have built in a quite perfect process. At the moment, our organization is keeping strong steps. With our volunteer team, we are able to serve a range of tourist that can speak English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Da Nang Free Walking Tour aims for achieving long-term quality and permanent value through create tour guide team with professional work style.

  1. Tour:

Every tour covers five different following destinations:

  1. Purpose
  • Share Danang city’s value to tourists that want to discover it
  • Get new understandings about Da Nang city under the eyes of local people
  • Increase communication skills and establish the relationships with friends around the globe
  1. Meaning:
  • Become the 1st professional walking tour in Da Nang
  • Build a qualified and experienced tour guide team
  • Send messages about friendly and livable Da Nang city to international tourists
  1. Development:
  2. Organizational structure:

The number of visitors experienced a significant upwards trend, which is based on joint effort of the all members in the organization

  • Mentored by Songhan Incubator
  • Strategic Partner
  • Tour guide teams:
    • English team: 30 tour guides
    • Chinese team: 10 tour guides
    • Korean team: 07 tour guides
    • Japanese team: 08 tour guides
  1. Sponsors:

Benefits of Sponsors:

  • Program extends at least 3 months.
  • Logo and picture of the sponsors appear at least 3 times per week in all posts on Facebook fan page
  • Discounted products / services of sponsors will be introduced to all tourists
  • Logos of sponsors appear on volunteer uniforms (jackets, hats, bags, umbrellas …)
  • Videos/ images advertising for sponsors are posted in certain number to reach fans and visitors of the shows through Facebook channel.
  • And many other benefits and added value…
  • Contact us for more details.
  1. Contract:

There are four distinct ways to contact with Danang free walking tour:


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